Heat Pump Installation in Rapid City, South Dakota

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When your heat pump malfunctions, you probably are hopeful you’ll only have to pay for repair as opposed to heat pump installation in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Sadly, a repair isn’t always possible—or worth the monetary investment.

Precision Mechanical can assist you with HVAC installation if your equipment is is far from an inexpensive fix. Get in touch with us at 605-206-3766 now for assistance finding a new unit that fits your resources, energy-efficiency goals and home comfort needs.


4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Heat Pump

Even if you’re convinced your equipment is ready to be changed, it can be useful to be aware of ordinary indications to double check. It could be time to get rid of your system if any of the following are applicable.

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1. Your Equipment Is More Than a Decade Old

While we hope our heaters and air conditioners could last for all eternity, they have a distinct life span. The longest timeline owners most often receive from their equipment is 15 years.

That’s an admirable aim, but frequently attainable. If your heat pump fails after its 10th anniversary, it’s probably a smarter financial choice to invest in a newer system.

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2. Your Home Comfort Is Going Down

As your unit ages, it has to run harder to keep up a similar amount of home comfort you’ve always had. As time goes on, your unit might drop a percentage of that power. And if you’ve tried to fix the issue with other adjustments to no avail, it’s likely time to select a new one.

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3. Your Heat Pump Works More Than It Should

Unless the climate is unusually cold, your equipment shouldn’t work continually. Cycles are an essential piece of the approach that equipment operate. If they’re beginning to disappear, you have an issue with your unit.

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4. Your Energy Costs are Increasing

When you originally got your equipment, you probably searched for an energy-efficient model. Over time, your system might not be strong enough to keep up. If you’re seeing your utility costs increasing with no apparent reason, it could be time to search for a new system.

Perks of Buying a New Heat Pump

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Although you might not be looking forward to selecting an alternative, a new heat pump provides a few perks for your residence.
  • Increased energy efficiency. If it’s exceeded 10 years since you’ve gotten a new equipment, you’re losing out on increased energy-efficient options. With SEER rankings now available up to 20 or higher, you have more alternatives for an energy-efficient home than previously.
  • Increased home comfort. With a modern piece of equipment, you’ll have the highest potential home comfort available. Any capacity your last unit lost over the decade will reappear—and maybe more.
  • Improved control over your heat pump. Perhaps you received your unit from your residence’s prior owners. Perhaps you’re only needing an upgrade. Either way, getting a new system is a great time to take control of your system. You can select a smart thermostat or accessories, including an air purifier. It’s your choice when you make the change!

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