Is an AC Tune-Up Worth It?

May 08, 2020

As springtime rolls around, you may be thinking, is an AC tune-up worth it in Rapid City? Even if your air conditioning system is newer or was working just fine last year.

Here’s one method to look at it. You wouldn’t get a brand-new vehicle and never anticipate to book any service for it, such as changing the oil or getting new tires.

The same affects your air conditioning. It’s a machine that uses fuel and has moving parts. Like a car, it can end up with leaks and its moving components can wear out.

Having your unit checked yearly by a Precision Mechanical professional can help locate small issues before they turn into major malfunctions. (And cause your equipment to stop running!)

6 Reasons to Tune Up Your AC in the Spring

  1. It keeps your unit clean. Since your AC is located outside your home, it’s more prone to accumulating dirt, leaves and other yard refuse, which can greatly impact your equipment’s efficiency. While you can try our how to clean your AC guide, we recommend calling a pro to service delicate internal pieces.
  2. It keeps your equipment efficient. Dirt and yard clippings that collect in your equipment can force it to work harder and restrict airflow. Both these issues can cause higher energy use—and a more expensive utility bill!
  3. It could extend your equipment’s life span. A clean system is an efficient one and may even help it last for a longer period of time. That’s money that you’ll save on your monthly energy expenses and over the years, as you won’t have to install new equipment as quickly.
  4. It helps pinpoint little troubles before they become big, expensive problems. During professional AC maintenance, your specialist will keenly look at components and carry out a cycle of cooling performance checks. These detailed procedures often allow us to locate problems before they create big issues that lead to a costly repair bill.
  5. It helps deliver worry-free operation throughout the warmest days. After your equipment is serviced, you’ll have peace of mind being aware your unit is set to give worry-free air. Even on the most humid days. It’s one of the wisest methods to keep your air conditioner from failing.
  6. It keeps your warranty going. Most manufacturers expect regular maintenance to keep your warranty valid. Without this service, your unit is at risk for premature meltdowns and lowered efficiency.

What Does AC Maintenance Involve?

A quality AC tune-up should include a check and maintenance work from an experienced HVAC specialist. Here’s some of the things we’ll do:

System Inspection

We’ll examine the subsequent locations and pieces:

  • Full equipment state
  • Start-up sequence
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Air filter
  • Blower components and airflow
  • Electrical connections
  • Condenser coil
  • Safety mechanisms
  • Supply and return temperature
  • Refrigerant pressure
  • Condensate drains


This is just a portion of the jobs we’ll complete:

  • Replace air filters
  • Refasten electrical connections
  • Confirm electrical flow
  • Grease moving parts
  • Unclog condensate drains
  • Clean condenser coil

Request Your AC Service Now with Precision Mechanical

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